ACUI Badges

Digital badging is a type of micro-credentialing that allows people to demonstrate their competence in a skill set.

ACUI Bookstore

Books, apparel, and other items in the ACUI Bookstore serve as tangible tools to advance campus community and convince others of this worthy profession.

ACUI Promos

ACUI Promos offers creative branding solutions that help you achieve your marketing and communications goals using promotional products.

ACUI Procure

For any project where you need FFE, you can use ACUI Procure, including renovation or construction projects, tracking building traffic, and furniture replacement projects.

Evaluation Program

ACUI matches institutions desiring an external review with experienced professionals through the College Union and Student Activities Evaluation Program (CUSA).

I-LEAD® Connect

I-LEAD® Connect is a customized, three-day event for students that encourages cross-departmental development with a focus on personal and professional growth.